This project was born from my closeness with my grandmother and the daily conversations I have with her about being lonely, particularly during the pandemic. Whilst the pandemic has hit a lot of people hard and it has taken its toll on mental health, it seems that the elderly are the ones who are suffering most, being almost imprisoned in their homes for fear of catching Covid-19 and being unable to see anyone. Their daily routine of going to the shop, having a coffee with a friend or volunteering their time has been disrupted and cancelled, being detrimental to their physical health as well as their mental health with no way to stay active. With some elderly people having minimal technical skills, keeping in touch with family or friend via the internet can prove tricky or impossible. Some may have lost the people they were closest to because of the virus and have no other family, leaving them completely isolated and forgotten.  


So I decided to make some storyboards and advertising campaigns to encourage people to reach out to the elderly in any way they can and help end loneliness amongst them.  This project is a work in progress with my final aim being a 3-4 stories about different elderly characters with interesting back stories, each with their own message about how you can reach out to the elderly in a COVID safe way. Whether it be sending a card, signing up to a befriending service or cooking a meal for someone in your neighbourhood, it is so easy to change someone's day with the smallest of efforts.

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