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What's This X That about?

With the surge in creative small businesses since the pandemic, sites like Etsy have grown massively. It's amazing that so many people have found their creative niche recently but the market is oversaturated and it's hard to find quality in the quantities. With growing creator sites focusing on how to make a quick buck or gatekeeping processes and fast fashion labels stealing artwork, companies are just out for themselves and everything is about profit. People have forgotten about values.

But that's not how we roll here. This industry doesn't have to be callous and selfish, it can be incorporative, collaborative and supportive. This X That has been able to grow with the help of creative people I've met in this community. So I want to help my fellow creatives too as there are so many talented artists out there who aren't sure where to begin with selling their designs.

So as this site grows, This X That will be teaming up with some of these talented folk to create the coolest designs that you won't find anywhere else. Along with some designs that have been specifically made to raise money for charities.

This X That aims to exhibit the artist, not exploit them. So you can be sure that you're buying directly from an artist, helping to support that individual and/or a great cause whilst also helping to change the way people consume art (and picking up some of the raddest gear you'll ever own along the way).


That is what This is all about.



If you're a fellow artist and illustrator and would like your art printed onto merch to sell through This X That, fill in the form below and I'll get back to you asap! 
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